Archival Photos

Here are some photos that we were provided – go ahead and name places, dates & people and we’ll try to add them on!

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Sad news to share – Lyonel Mehler

This sad news from former boys camp Head Counsellor Willie Klein: Lyonel Mehler passed away in mid May. He was a long time camper, waiter, waiter counsellor and recruited many staff members for Camp Delawaxen over the years.

And this about Mehler from Bob Ganz, one Lyonel’s campers:

To the tune of Ghost Riders in the Sky:
Comic song (as Bob remembers it from about 1957)
Seigenfeld (Arnie) went creeping out one dark and dreary night.
He crept across the campus and evaded Andy’s light.
(forgot the next line. Something like he went to the girls campus)
My feet are wet my clothes are damp, come quick my little wren.
For if the owner catches me, I might get fired again.
But all at once it opened wide and what to his concern,
But Mehler was inside and said “you will have to wait your turn.”

Any more stories about Mehler? Or Willie Klein? Please post them in the comments below.

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Snipe hunting story from George Sundel

Here’s a camp memory from George Sundel.  Have one to share? Use the contact form to let us know.

The counselors would take us out after dark with bats, clubs and cotton laundry bags.  They told us a Snipe was part bird and part animal.  One of them would start screaming and yelling for all of us to come to him.  When we got there he had something in a laundry bag (probably a big round rock)  We would all hit the bag, thinking we were killing the dreaded Snipe.  You could tell anything to a kid in those days.  It was exciting and scary.

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Some photos

Son of the Camp Owners, Les Liman, has provided some camp photos from his archives. Have some comments on these photos? Leave them below. Have your own photos to share? Let us know!

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Welcome back to Camp!

We’re starting this site to try to bring together some photos and stories of our time at camp – have a story or photo to share?  Use the links to the right to register for the site to post your story or contact us directly if you’d like to chat first.

We look forward to hearing your stories!

Barbara Liman Cohen & Les Liman

(daughter and son of Babe and Pearl Liman)

Have some stories to share? Either comment on the post below or send us your information and we’ll re-post it for others to comment on. Have photos to share? Let us know and we’ll contact you on how to send them to us.


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