17 Feb 2009

Welcome back to Camp!

Posted by Grandson

We’re starting this site to try to bring together some photos and stories of our time at camp – have a story or photo to share?  Use the links to the right to register for the site to post your story or contact us directly if you’d like to chat first.

We look forward to hearing your stories!

Barbara Liman Cohen & Les Liman

(daughter and son of Babe and Pearl Liman)

Have some stories to share? Either comment on the post below or send us your information and we’ll re-post it for others to comment on. Have photos to share? Let us know and we’ll contact you on how to send them to us.


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55 Responses to “Welcome back to Camp!”

  1. What a great beginning to what I hope will be a great website that reaches many people.I do have some old pictures. How would you like me to get tham to you???


    Arlene Sherman Hackmeyer

  2. Please send them to matt@iwbyte.com and i’ll post them for everyone to see



  3. Hi my name is Larry Elias and I attended Camp Delawaxen from 1961 to 1963. I have lot of great memories of my time I spent there. I hope to meet some people on here that I might have gone to camp with.



  4. Hi,
    I’m Jerry Siegel. I was a camper at Delawaxen from 1937 to 1941. My two older brothers (Arnie and Mel) were there too, as campers/waiter/counselor. In less than two weeks I’ll be celebrating my eightieth birthday, and I still have great memories of those years. I’m happy to see my picture at the top of your web page. It was taken in 1940 on the steps of Bunk 15. I’m the skinny kid, top right, between the two counselors. At that time, age eleven.
    Best regards,
    Jerry 6/11/09


    Jerry Siegel

  5. I remember so many songs from delanore. the place was pretty much a dump but i loved it so!!!!!!


    carol groelinger

  6. I attended camp back in the late 50’s. I dated Mark Blum and lived in Riverdale where he lived. I would love to find him. Camp was a great experience. I loved every minute of it. Wish I could go back. Do you have any pictures???

    Susan Rosenbaum Shapiro


    Susan Rosenbaum Shapiro

  7. Was there in the early 60’s as well


    Susan Rosenbaum Shapiro

  8. I was there in the early 60’s also and dated Brett Dick. I thin k I remember you Susan.


    Arlene Sherman Hackmeyer

  9. I lived in Riverdale, too. On 246th Street right near Mark. I was at Delanore in the late 50’s early 60’s. Had a sister Gail. I dated Artie Rudnick. I remember the names…my birth date is 1948.


    Susan Dryer

  10. I remember you Susan…I think..you were petite with dark hair. And Les I remember you…I can see the Head Counselor (Nancy?), she was from Franklin Square…there were a bunch from Franklin Square…Nancy Bellows, Shelly (can’t remember her last name)…my email is …I use my maiden name…live in Arizona where I have a ranch…


    Susan Dryer

  11. Just back from a weekend in Milford, PA area–friends have a home on the Delaware–and it reminded me that I’d gone to Camp Delawaxen in the early forties. My mother, Anne Neugeboren, was the camp nurse, and several of my cousins–Joey, Alvin, and Herbie Leifer–also went there.

    I was born in 38, so was a boy of 3-6 years old during my years there…

    Campers and counselors might remember my mother Anne, RN, the camp nurse…


    Jay Neugeboren

  12. my best friend in camp was fran hart. she had a brother named jeff hart and i think they were from franklin square.


    judi freedman sadowsky

  13. I attended Delawaxen 1938 through 43,ilee I was the bugler!
    Yeah, I woke the camp up and put it to bed. One morning overslept and didn’t blow revilee until about 8 AM. Even the
    head councilor overslept! These were the most remembered
    years of my early youth. Great fun. I’m going on 83 years.
    You guys must be kids!


    Robert (Bob) Servin

  14. I attented camp 1949 to 1960. Hard to believe with my cousins, Joelle Allison, Roni Klein.. Still in touch with people from camp?? Mother Nellie was the first camp mother I remember… Rusty and B everly… All the girls… Phyliss, Allene, Ricki, Sue Cohen, Caryn Singer, Lenore and Adele Golden….Now living in Florida…



  15. I attended Delanore in the 50’s as did my sister’s Randie and Lisa. I still remember Judy Freeman and Fran Hart as we were always in the same bunk and often in trouble. My sisters and I still break out into Camp Delanore songs whenever we’re together. It’s amazing that we can remember the words after all these years. I will always have fabulous memories of my summers spent at Delanore.


    Sherry Buchanann Barchfield

  16. Anyone who remembers me please contact by e-mail . I had great memories of camp . would love to hear from anyone.


    Shelly Sender

  17. I attended Bambi Hall from 1952-1954. I have few memories from those years, but would love to hear what happened to the camp(s) in the years that followed.

    Does anyone know if there is a chronology or history of the camps on-line?

    Thanks very much.

    Mark Oland


    Mark Oland

  18. Mark,
    There is no formal chronology of the camp as of now. Perhaps Les and I will come up with one and post it.



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  20. Joelle Allison was in my bunk. The last time I saw her I was married to Kurt Gitter (who went to Delawaxen) and she was still so pretty and lovely. Also she gave me a set of lucite serving trays that I still have. Where is she now-would love to contact Joelle
    Millie Hyman


    millie hyman

  21. I just remembered that I was a waiter for the girls camp and always got kidded because for most of the year I wore a sweatshirt from my brothers school Marietta in Ohio

    I also lived in Riverdale on 246th St. My parents moved to 68th St and 3d Ave. in 1964. I went to BU, Albany Law and finished as the Deputy Commisioner and Counsel to NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance. I spent 14 years in the US Army as a rifleman and then as a Maj. in the Judge Advocate Generals Corps.


    Steven Teitelbaum

  22. Steve, nice to hear from you. What is your email? Les Liman



  23. Just found this. My sister Debby Teitsman and I went to camp there in the late 50’s and early 60’s. I was even a color war general!
    If Arlene Hackmeyer reads this I would like to be in touch with her.
    I am still friendly with both Brett Dick and his wife Molly. Randy lives in the Bay Area too!


    Liz Teitsman AttermanLizatterman

  24. Just commented. Does Bert Goodstadt know of your website? I saw him about 15 years ago when I was visiting friends in Port Washington. he had all the camp songs from color war! What a kick!


    Liz Teitsman AttermanLizatterman

  25. I was there from 1958-1959 with my big brothers Michael, Brett and Randy so many of the above names are familiar to me! My best friend was Stephanie Ganz with whom I recently reestablished contact. I was also friends with Ellen Schnell. My best “big sisters” were Liz Teitsman and Arlene Sherman-hi to you both!! I am in Miami Beach where I have lived for 34 years.


    Pamela Dick Turetsky

  26. Hi Pam,
    Thinking of you at Passover. I just love reading Molly’s blog, especially about all the seders in Arlington! Do you have all your mom’s dishes now?
    All my love!



  27. Is there any way to get people’s email, once we see their comments here? I think that Les and Barbara, you have them from where we submit our comments, but we all cannot see them.
    Thanks for looking into this.


    Liz Teitsman Atterman

  28. Hi Millie and all! Many of my warmest memories are the summers at Delawaxen during the late 40’s & early & late 50’s.The hurricane of 1955 and circumstances will never be forgotten since I was in charge of the waterfronts hah!! Also served in the Infatry as a Platoon Leader during the forgotten Korean War then went on to become an Oral Surgeon .Just turning 80 next week 6/4/2012 & can’t believe how the years have raced by.Am still practicing part-time in Staten Isl.N.Y…but living in Ft.Myers,Fl. Jerry Sherman 5-31-2012



  29. Happy to see so many alumni still in touch.My years began 1947 and with various intermissions for army infantry OCS and Korean War experience followed by Dental School and oral surgery specialization, am finally retired residing in Ft.Myers,Fl. and Staten Island,N.Y. My memories thru 1959 include making many wonderful friends and surviving the hurricane in 1955 which came within inches of taking our lives as the Delaware River roared thru the majority of the camp including many bunks. If Millie Hyman and Ethel are still in N.y.and Fla.OK to contact me at my e-mail


    Jerry Sherman

  30. Hello everyone—I have 4 sisters and we were from New Orleans and we went to Delanore for years and loved every minute of our summers there. I lost my home in New Orleans 7 years ago from Katrina and moved to Hallendale Beach, Florida and I am very happy living here. I just returned from a fabulous trip to North Korea and China. I lost my husband of 57 years last year and it was very sad. However, I have made many wonderful friends here and feel blessed. I am a personal trainer and teach exercise and I love doing it. Would love to hear from my old friends from Delanore. Have a great day!! Fondly, Ethel


    Ethel Hyman Schnitt

  31. Delawaxen 1953 memories first social double amputee of upper extremities employed by camp counselor swimming length of pool underwater named wes


    Henry sherman

  32. So good to see and refresh so many memories. As to the “flood,” I recall that we were evacuated because a dam upriver was likely going to give way. I’m pretty sure it didn’t, but the river did come up over the banks, and that was the end of camp that summer. I also remember being frightened, but also excited.


    Cheryl Press Gaston

  33. Nice to hear from you. Les


    Les Liman

  34. Henry Sherman–What is a “social double amputee” ? Les


    Les Liman

  35. My brother Brett and I were at delawaxen from 1954 – 1963. I am married to Theresa and have two great kids Joshua and Rebekah and live in SF, Ca. Les and we were bunk mates for many years and I enjoyed visiting with him when he was out west a couple of years ago. Ken Feurman is in LA and is an avid Delawaxenite. I have many found memories of camp.


    randy dick

  36. Hi Randy. Linda and I hope to get back to the LA area this Spring, likely in April. Will you be around? Les Liman


    Les Liman

  37. Well I meant to say the SF area. Les


    Les Liman

  38. I just came across this site. I was at Delawaxen 1948 to 1960. Amazing place. I still dream about it.


    Steven Harris

  39. Fantastic place. Just the best. I was there from 1948 to 1960.


    Steven Harris

  40. 1962 is the year I went to Camp Delawaxen.. I was always the new kid since I came a week late.. I loved the camp.. Even got A Major D for what I don’t recall but it was sure fun I recall having crush on a girl and only once di we really connect in a puppy love way… I love the swimming , the bike riding where we could see snake holes in the side of the little hills

    Color War was where it all happened.’

    I also remember being thoroughly embarrassed to sing the meal prayer… …Anyone in the music business and /or in the La Area , Santa onica ,please reach pout


    glenn friedman

  41. I have many fond memories of Camp Delawaxen.
    For many summers during the 1940’s I was a camper, waiter and counsellor. I was the head waiter in the boy’s dining room, a Color War General and also headed for a time (if you remember) KOS.
    I would welcome sharing Camp experiences with you.
    Stuart Weltz


    Stuart Weltz

  42. Stu. Please send me your email address. I would love to catch up.


    randy dick

  43. Hi Randy,
    It was great hearing from you after all these years.
    I can be reached at:




    Stuart Weltz

  44. I have lots of pictures of Camp Delanore in the 1940s. Wouldn’t it be fun to put up an exhibit at a Jewish museum.


    Susan Brownmiller

  45. My dad and uncle went to Delawaxen in the 30’s. they used to seng the weirdest camp songs that were like a strange language. I hate to say, I never recorded them. If anyone has them, I’d love to share them with my cousins.


    Alan L Kessler

  46. So wonderful to hear from all of you. Pearl and Babe are smiling. If anyone is in the Portland, OR area, let me know. .


    Barbara Liman Cohent

  47. Hi, I am not sure what prompted me to look up Camp Delanore after all of these years. I attended from 1955-1661.
    i was in a bunk Randy Buchanan’s and Toby Blumenthal. I think that Susan Dryer was in our bunk too.Totally loved camp and have pictures if you would like them.I came from Franklin Square and Fran Hart was a family friend.

    I live in NYC and my E mail is Pattisayre@gmail.com if anyone wants to get in touch.


    pat sayre

  48. I was at Delawaxen as camper(’51-’55), bike-boy (’56), counselor (Bambi Hall ’57, Delawaxen ’58) . My cousin Marty Sobel also attended most of those years. My sisters Gloria, Marion, Ronnie, and cousin Barbara Sobel were at Delanore and Bambi during that period.

    I still have vivid memories of the night of the great flood of ’55 and it’s aftermath leading to early closure of the camping season.

    I also have some digitized 8mm home-movie clips from that era.


    Irwin Sobel

  49. I went to Delanore from 1947 through 1955. I also have wonderful memories of my summers at camp.
    Millie and I were there for the flood of 1955. I remember it vividly. We were evacuated in the middle of the night and told that the river was rising and to get to the social hall. We slept on the floor of the social hall for the rest of the night. We were able to go back to our bunks the next morning. We had no electricity or water. We also evacuated the 2nd or 3rd night after the hurricane because of rumors of a dam possibly breaking. It didn’t. I can remember climbing up a mountain with the remaining Bambi Hall kids and spending the night on the floor of a social hall in a church. The bunks on the Delanore side did not flood. The water came up to the top of the banks but we did not have water in the bunks. I don’t know about the Delawaxen side. I remember the helicopters landing at the camp. They were going around to all of the camps in the area to check on the conditions. I remember standing by the banks of the river and seeing whole houses and enormous whole trees rush by.
    All roads leading into and out of the camp were under water.
    It took 3-4 days for the water to recede. At that point, parents were able to drive up and take their kids home. I can remember the last sight when we drove out of the camp to go home. One of the residents had chicken coops and raised an enormous amount of them as a business. The chicken coops were smashed and the banks were covered with the remains of the coops and the chickens.
    Millie and I were in the area about 10 years ago. When we found out that we were close to Lackawaxen, we drove over. The first thing that we saw when we drove up was the old trestle. We were so excited. It was totally rusted but still there. This was the metal bridge that was built for the railroad cars to cross over the river. One of the only remaining structures at the camp was the main house. If I remember correctly, the camp had been converted into a Catholic Retreat. The main house became the home for the Mother Superior. There was also a small building which I think was the infirmary on the girls’ side. We drove around and came across a new residential area close to the banks of the river. It was a Sunday afternoon and there were a few people outside. We told them that we had gone to camp there and were trying to figure out where the bunks had been. That was all that we had to say. When they found out that we were there for “the great flood of 1955″, we became instant celebrities. They got everyone to come outside to meet us. They had written a softback book titled “Lackawaxen. Pennsylvania” and gave us a copy to take home. There were photos of Delanore and Delawaxen in the book. When we started back, we came across a one story home at the top of the bluff. Millie surmised that this was where Saturday morning services were held. I got out of the car and knocked on the door. A very nice man came to the door. I told him why we were there and asked him if we could walk the grounds. He said “yes”. We walked the grounds and yes , it was where we had Saturday morning services. I was always mesmerized by the magnificence of the view. It is 30-40 feet above where the Delaware and Lackawaxen Rivers meet, surrounded by the backdrop of the mountains. Truly, one of the most beautiful spots on earth.
    I would love to hear from anyone who knew me. sylviahsenter@gmail.com


    Sylvia Hyman Senter

  50. Sylvia,
    This is Barbara Liman Cohen and of course I remember you and all the energetic Hyman girls.
    Thanks for the wonderful scenario you painted of the flood of ‘55. I remember that all the girls of Delanore were evacuated to the social hall to sleep during the first night. Seeing the golf course looking like a lake was a shock. I often thought about how worried my parents must have been having the responsibility for keeping all of us safe during that time. I was 14 at the time and all my bunkmates thought it was a great adventure.
    The last time I visited the camp grounds, probably 25 years ago, there already were lots of private residences and I could clearly see many of the camp buildings incorporated into the the home. I could see the canteen, the boys infirmary and even Bambi Hall. It was so strange.I also spent some time in the “grove” where services were held and remembered how we use to sail paper plates with candles on them down the river. Many of the original trees were still there. I was sad to see a strange looking home build right in the middle of them. I was able to track down Ric Krause, whose parents ran that chicken farm right outside of the camp. He and I were boyfriend and girlfriend when I was 15, much to my mother’s dismay. His former home was now the site of his construction company. We hugged and reminisced.
    Thanks again for sharing.


    Barbara Liman Cohen

  51. Irwin sobel. I remember you very well and Marty sobel. Allene small and myself were good friends with you both. Also Gloria and the others would love to hear from you and if possible I have been trying to get in touch with Phyllis Lerner. Does anyone have email addresses?!!!!


    Ilene jaffe pomeranz

  52. Sylvia, I’m Jerry Siegel. I was a camper at Delawaxen for 5 summers, from 1937 through1941. I well remember the grove where services were held every Shabbat morning. Everyone was dressed in white. White shirts, white duck pants, white shoes. This is where the Lackawaxen River flowed into the Delaware. We called that area “The Point”.
    I was too young then, but I was told that this place was often used for romantic encounters. I’m 86 now, and reside in a senior independent living facility here in New Bern, North Carolina. (Funny how much this place resembles being at camp.) You can find a picture of me at the top of this website. It was taken on the steps of Bunk 15 in 1940. I’m the skinny dark-haired kid, top right, sitting between the two counselors. I was 11 years old then. Would love to hear from anyone who is still around from that era, or anyone else from camp.


    Jerry Siegel

  53. Hi, I am Ronnie Sobel and I have tried to write comments using Safari but they have not shown up so I am doing a test on another url.
    I was at camp from 1952-1960. I am delighted to read about Brett and Randy Dick, Ilene Jaffee Pomeranz and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I had many terrific years of camping and have great memories. I live in northern California near my brother Irwin.
    Hope this gets posted.


    Ronnie Mannos

  54. Hi everyone,
    My name is Dave Greenstein and I was a counselor in bunk 6, I think, in 1957 and 1958. I was also science counselor in 1958.
    I remember Les and Barbara, and Saul (the boys’ head counselor), and Babe who was such a strong figure of authority. Les was 12 years old and was a good kid who did not take advantage of his special place as the owner’s son just as did Barbara who I thought was the prettiest girl at the camp.
    There was a special group of older boy counselors who were like the “Rat Pack”. There were about 4 of them including one who I think was the assistant head counselor. I don’t remember any names except for Dick Yarmy ( the brother of Don Adams (before Maxwell Smart) who would do all of his brother’s comedy routines on the porch of the bunks at night. He was so good , he broke us up all the time and I still laugh at those I remember after all these years. He was studying Nuclear Engineering but became a comedian himself in Los Angeles. He was well known among comedians in california and was head of a group of comedians who met regularly. Sadly, Dick Yarmy died a few years ago and the group no longer meets.

    There is probably more to talk about as we share our memories.
    I’m not good about remembering names but I hope others will
    refresh my memory so we can continue to relive those precious experiences.
    Dave Greenstein


    David Greenstein

  55. I wanted to let everyone know that Randy Dick had an unfortunate accident a month and a half ago. He is recuperating but it will be a long haul.
    Sending well wishes to Randy and his wonderful family!!’


    Liz Teitsman Atterman

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